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Thank you for your interest in promoting The R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Library. We really appreciate your support and efforts to promote this great product. We pay 50% on each sale you generate through your unique URL's. That's $17.50 paid to you for each sale!

Our Affiliate program is managed by Below you will find instructions on how to sign up and get started. Here you can also find promo materials such as banner ads and email templates.

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I'm Ready! How do I sign up?

Please follow these 3 simple steps to sign up:

  1. You will need to create an account at Click Here to create your free account.

  2. Once your account has been created, make sure you are signed into, then come back to this page and CLICK HERE to generate your unique URL.

  3. Promote your unique URL anywhere online! Please don't spam! Please view the "How to promote" section below if you are not sure what Spaming is. Spammers will be banned!

Login to each day to see exactly how many sales you've made and how much money is owed to you.

Who do I promote to?

The R&B Chord Progressions MIDI library is an invaluable tool for any music producer or beatmaker in R&B, Hip Hop, Soul or "urban" music. The R&B Chord Progressions Library is a professional production tool as well as a learning tool for those still learning music theory, advanced chords and advanced chord voicings. The library helps those who don't yet have the skill or knowledge to compose good, solid working chord progressions on their own. In addition, the library is for professionals who are looking for instant inspiration and new song ideas. The chord progressions give any aspiring music producer the leverage of a seasoned musician and inspires them to make quality R&B, Soul and Hip Hop music without having to gain years of experience. A high quality resource for "urban" music producers and beatmakers.

How to promote?

Facebook posts, Twitter posts and Youtube videos are a great way to start promoting and earning commissions. If you own a website or blog, we have several web banners and ads below in standard sizes. For those who own an email list, we have email templates below as well.

The affiliates who make the most money are the ones who have purchased or used the library and simply become a spokesperson for the product. Posting honest reviews and video reviews in blogs, forums and on social media are the most effective means of promotion because it's organic, it's honest and it's good "word of mouth".

For the more advanced affiliate marketer, please download the list of keywords below. Feel free to contact us if you would like to have your own landing page (identical to the product squeeze page). If you have an audience of music producers/beatmakers and you are not sure how you want to promote the library, feel free to contact us to discuss the most effective strategy for your audience.


What is spamming? Spamming is unsolicited, unwanted and irrelivant advertising. If you are posting in forums, make sure you are actually engaging in the conversation and not simply posting ads to get sales. #1, you will not make sales that way. #2, forums and website owners will ban you quickly. If you are making forum posts, be sure to provide USEFULL and valuable information by giving an honest, detailed review of the product or by simply adding your link in your signature. Be sure to post in the CORRECT categories and/or threads. Do not post shamless plugs and advertising in forums. If you wish to send out an email blast promoting the R&B MIDI Library, DON'T SEND EMAILS TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT SUBCRIBED TO YOUR LIST! If you don't own the list or have permission from the individual who does own the list, DO NOT SEND UNSOLICITED EMAILS TO FOLKS! You will be banned immediately!

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Email Templates

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