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Producers like, Hit-Boy, Illmind, Symbolic One, Teddy Riley, Rexx Life Raj, D.A Doman, J.Cole and others have all used Produce-RNB.com. We are dedicated to providing truly amazing chord progressions in addition to highly usable software and tools for professional music production. As the original R&B MIDI chord progression and preset source, we strive to continually help music producers (beginners and pros) make quality R&B.

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Sound Surfing: 
Over 150 Sounds Included!

4G is not your typical multi-unit plugin; it represents "four generators." Rather than merely combining different sounds, 4G melds them together into a cohesive whole, resulting in extraordinary, innovative, and captivating sounds.

4G Sound Fusion


With all of the right processors and effects, you have the best of all worlds coming together in a truly inspiring way. With 150 original presets, producers can dive right into amazing sounds and even create their own...

A Unique and inspiring tool that provokes fun, inspiration and originality.
"With 4G, you'll discover how to make crazy dope sounds without effort. The merge feature is just inspiring. You'll open a whole new world of sound and possibility.

4G provides the ultimate possibility for merging samples and organic tones with synthesizers... 4G uses a process that merges the actual sounds together to create a new sound in the process. This goes beyond "mixing" or "layering" sounds.

Drag Any Audio to 4G

Control Every Detail

4G gives you real access to every aspect of your sound. Realistic effects such as cassette tape emulation, pitch wobble and sample reducer, help the sounds remain true to the flavor we know and love! 4G is not another cold, heartless synth. 

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