Play "Sought-After"
R&B Chords Through Any VST!

The Loyalty R&B Chord Pack gives you access to heart-felt, "sought-after" R&B chords and progressions at the press of a Key. From R&B to Hip-Hop, The Loyalty R&B chord presets can shave hours off of producing high quality R&B music...

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Available for Chordz | Cthulhu | Chord Engine 2.0


Instant R&B Progressions

Play Realistic Chords w/Any VST

Learn The Secrets 

Play instant R&B chords and progressions with the press of a key.

Play R&B chords through the VST of your choice. 

Learn the chords and chord voicings with the visual Keyboard Display  

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How to Install

Download and install instructions are included with every order.

Download Chordz from Here: VST compatible 32-bit or 64-bit host (DAW) running on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or above.

Download Cthulhu from Here: SP1 OS X 10.6 or greater, Windows 7 or greater. VST, AudioUnit, or AAX compatible host. AAX requires PT 10.3.5 or later - RTAS not supported via third party wrapper.

Download Chord Engine 2.0 from Here: Works in any DAW software within the FREE Kontakt 6 player. There is NO need to upgrade from Kontakt 5. The Free Kontakt 6 player runs totally separate from Kontakt 5. 

To Install: 

  1. Download the Free Chordz VST Or download / purchase the Cthulhu VST.

  2. To Install the Loyalty Preset Bank: Place the contents of your extracted .zip file into the preset folder for your VST.

    Chordz Preset Folder Location: Open the Chordz VST and click on the "Presets tab" located at the top of the plugin. Then right click inside the presets tab and click "show in explorer" This is the folder location where you will place your preset files and your presets will be installed.

    Cthulhu Preset Folder Location: Your Xfer presets folder can be found by clicking "show presets folder" from the Cthulhu plugin. It's the little gear in the top right corner.

    Chord Engine Preset Location: Please see the video in your order. Written instructions are included as well.

Chordz VST MIDI routing to VST instructions for your specific DAW:

Watch this quick Video to learn more!

Instantly Sound More Professional

20 + instant R&B Chord Progression Theory presets bring you tons of song ideas.

Easy To Download and Install

Download and Install the whole solution in just a few clicks. Get going immediately. 

Be More Productive!

Save time and energy. Expand your creative power. Empower yourself. 

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Ready to experience possibly one of the most valuable tools you may come across as a producer?


Can I run The Chord Engines on a Mac?
For a Mac, you will need to use the Cthulhu version. The R&B Gold Chord Engine also comes in MPC progression format which works with MAC.   

Do I need to have one of the programs listed?
If you if you are using Chordz or Cthulhu, you will need to use a music software that allows routing. If you are using Chord Engine 2.0, you may use any software you choose because there is no need to route out to other VST's. You can also export the MIDI to any VST channel using Chord Engine 2.0.  

Will the MIDI chords be recorded into my DAW as MIDI chords?
When using the Chord Engine 2.0, yes, your MIDI can be recorded and exported as MIDI chords. When using Chordz or Cthulhu, No. The Audio from your VST will always output chords exactly the way you hear it when you press the keys. So, your exports will always contain the chords you hear as you play through your favorite VST. 

Do I have to use PayPal
No. You can choose to use Paypal or you can checkout with any debit or credit card. Our payment processor is safe and secure with ssl encryption

Refund Policy
All digital sales are final. We can only offer refunds on orders that have NOT been downloaded. We do offer store credit or exchange however. 

FAQ for support

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How to install Chordz Presets

How to install Cthulhu Presets

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