R&B Acoustic Guitar Library. Chords, Loops, Riffs, more! 

Riffs provides iconic, authentic acoustic R&B guitar for your R&B and Hip Hop productions. Played by a seasoned R&B session guitarist, this kit contains Chords, Loops, Riffs, One-shots and more. Each phrase was played clean and left raw for a professional sound that you can further edit to your liking. From beautiful strummed chords to soulful blues riffs, This is a gem to have for modern R&B-HipHop production. The perfect compliment to any R&B Chord Progression Pack.

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Works in ANY DAW. Includes HQ .Wav Files Labeled with Key and Tempo


Instant "Top Level" Riffs

Play Real Guitar in Your Sampler

Organized Files

Play amazing acoustic guitar riffs into your music with ease.

Play advanced R&B guitar across your keyboard in the sampler of your choice. 

Easily add over 100 Riffs to your music all labeled with key and tempo.

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  • Over 100 R&B Acoustic Guitar Riffs, loops, chords, one-shots 
  • Clean professional sound. Left raw and clean ready for your effects
  • Effect versions included 
  • Full Loops 
  • Chords 
  • Tempo and Key Labeled files
  • Easy to work with and manipulate 
  • Key labeled folders 
  • High quality .wav files 
  • Works in any DAW or Sampler

Instantly Sound More Professional

100 instant R&B acoustic guitar riffs add a professional touch and bring your music to life.

Easy To Download and Install

Download and Install the kit  in just a few clicks. Get going immediately.  Works in any DAW

Be More Productive!

Save time and energy. Expand your creative power. 

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