64-bit Windows or Mac CPU
VST or AU compatible DAW or Music Workstation
At least 5GB of Hard drive space is needed.
At least 2GB of RAM Memory is recommended. 



Take Sure-Fire Sounds and Add Rhythm!

The Signature R&B Plugin is not just another synth plugin. Every sound was carefully crafted and runs through the latest in Audio processing... Then the movement modulation takes it further.

Expert Curated and Crafted Sounds

You are sure to find the right sounds to inspire great records! Not only do you have pro-grade sounds out-of-the-box, but you also have the on-board tools to create completely new sounds.

The Signature R&B Plugin will be constantly updated with new sounds and exciting new features.  With Signature, you get free plugin updates for life.

System Requirements

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How to Install?

Install Video Windows
Install Video Mac

Be sure to watch the install instructions before installing. 

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The Signature R&B Plugin is the intellectual property of Produce-RNB.com All rights reserved 2022. 

A Sample-Based Synth built for serious R&B Production

"High-fidelity sounds that evoke interest and emotions are the foundations to inspiring, hit-worthy R&B/Hip-Hop music."

Unlock The Potential

Watch this short preview tutorial. Hear the power in these sounds and see what Signature can add to your studio!


Improve Productivity

When every sound is inspiring and you know that you have everything you need to make a  hit record, your productivity skyrockets. 

Drive Creativity

On-board effects make it possible to shape your sounds in drastically different ways right from the plugin. Signature provides the latest tools and effects for inspiring  current R&B and Hip-Hop styles .

Free Updates for Life?

Dedicated R&B Sound Pallets of Today

Finally a plugin dedicated to the latest and most cutting-edge sounds for R&B music. Browse R&B sounds from yesterday, today and tomorrow all from one convenient plugin.

If you are looking to add movement and interest to your music, Signature makes it a click away. Easily add modulation and automation to your sounds with just one click.

Add Instant Movement to Any Sound

Every Tool You Need to Craft the Perfect Sound.

With all of the right processors and effects, you are free to create endless possibilities. On board EQ's, analyzers, sample degrading and other effects help you craft current sounds.


$99 Today

One-Time purchase +
Unlimited Free Sound Pack Updates

Free Maintenance Only Updates
3 CPU Activations
Unlimited re-downloads



$129 Today

One-Time purchase +
 Sound  Pack Updates
Unlimited Plugin Upgrades
Free updates on all Bonus Content

3 CPU Activations
Early Release Content

UPGRADE to 4.5 UNLIMITEDPay in 4 Easy Payments | No applications, No Credit Checks


One-Time purchase
to Zero Free Updates
500 + Sounds Included

CPU Activations
Unlimited re-downloads


$79 Today

UPGRADE to 4.0

Add a Spark of R&B Inspiration to Any DAW

VSTi | Mac VST | AU

High Fidelity Sound Engine for R&B and Hip-Hop

A plug-in dedicated to the latest and most cutting edge sounds for new R&B and Hip-Hop. Signature is a sound source that producers can rely on to deliver relevant and "hit-worthy" sounds time after time.

Signature 3.0 Updates Jan. 2021

  • New Movement Modulation added to Effects: Phaser, Saturation and Degrader. Add more movement by modulating effects.

  • New Reverse Instrument Playback 

  • New Custom User Audio: drag and drop any audio file into Signature to sample or create an instantly playable instrument. Adjust loop markers and more.

  • New Smoothing Compression added to the sound engine. Reduces any static or harshness especially on lower quality sound cards.

  • Over 100 new presets, vocal samples and Guitar loops only compatible with the New Signature 3.0 sound engine.

Play R&B's Most Coveted Chords With One Key

The Signature R&B Plugin can turn your entire keyboard into a full library of lush, sought after R&B chords. Activating chord mode lays R&B chords across your keyboard from the lowest to the highest key.

Expert Crafted Chords and Motifs

Short on ideas? Maybe you are not the best keyboard player? Not to worry. Signature has both a chord and motif player that can make your R&B tracks sound like the best of them. Play chords or motifs with one key and quickly find that vibe you are looking for.

Improve Quality & Production

Easily find working chords for your next track. As you go up and down the keys, the chords correspond with each other making your job easy, fun and more creative. Get creative with the motifs hand-played by a pro.

Play Full R&B Motifs and Riffs With One Key

Drag and Drop Any Sound or Sample into Signature.

Instantly create your own instruments with any audio file. Sample your favorite guitar, records or anything you may have laying around. Drag and drop any audio file into the Signature Sampler and it instantly creates a playable instrument. Easily adjust the loop markers to create new and unique sounds. The signature sampler also plays loops that can be synced to tempo (loops must be 4 bars). 

Play Signature Sounds in Reverse!

Flip sounds into reverse to add new creative vibes. Any sound that ships with Signature can be played in reverse to create an all-together different sound and feel. Simply click the reverse button next to the browser to test any sound in reverse.  

Signature 2.0 Updates Dec. 2020

  • New Chord and Motif Players Added

  • New Authorization System: authorization moved to the plugin interface. 

  • Custom User MIDI drag and drop up to 127 different MIDI files and play them across your keys starting at the lowest key.

  • 20 New sounds added in Keys, Pads, Bells and Strings

Signature 3.1 Updates April 2021

  • New Padded Rhodes Expansion Pack featuring the iconic sound of Fender Rhodes keys mixed with lush pads for beautiful textures and warm R&B musical beds.

  • New Retro Magic Bass Expansion Pack featuring legendary synth basses tuned just right for today's low-end feel 

What Are Producers Saying About Signature?

Signature 3.5 Updates December 2021

  • New Skins: 11 New Inspiring Skins to Chose From
    The Signature R&B Plugin can now be skinned in 11 new ways to spark creative vibes and introduce new energies when working with the plugin.
  • 150 New Sounds including New MOOG Voyager R&B & Hip-Hop Patches
    We added new basses, bells, keys and strings to the library. We've also sampled the legendary MOOG voyager synth to create some new-age retro flavored patches.
  • New Motifs Added with Drag & Drop MIDI to DAW
    We've added new hand-played motifs to inspire instant song ideas. You can now drag and drop MIDI sequences to your DAW (beta).
  • UI Improvements
    We've added next and previous buttons to the browser, a browser exit button and the ability to create USER PRESETS.


Signature 4.0 Updates July 2022

  • New Synthesizer added: Now blend a synth layer with high fidelity samples. We've added a true synthesizer to the plugin allowing for full-blown sound design with 2 Oscillators and 8 effects. Spice up any sound by adding a synth layer. 
  • New Sounds including New Hybrid Patches utilizing the new synth technology:
    We added new basses, bells, keys, plucks and pads to the library. 
  • New VST3 Option: Signature is now available as a VST3, VST2 and AU. Drag and Drop MIDI depreciated in VST3 versions of the Plugin.
  • UI Improvements
    Some minor UI improvement. Chord/motif mode can be minimized. New indicator for Chord mode.


Signature 4.5 Updates April 2023

  • New Synthesizer Improvements: Updates to GUI. New indicators show when synth is on. New AHDSR controls for the synth layer. Adds more control over sculpting new sounds. 
  • New Sounds including Guitar Loops:
    We added new basses, bells, keys, plucks and pads and guitar loops to the library. 
  • UI Improvements
    Some minor UI improvement. Skin color will now change with new presets. Save your favorite skin color on your favorite presets.