"SOLID" R&B Chord Pack: Solid, Iconic R&B Chords

The Solid R&B chord pack adds lush, iconic R&B chords to your music production arsenal. These chord progressions have been crafted to be unique yet still reminiscent of the iconic, heart-warming chords we all love. Each progression has a preset for Cthulhu, Chordz, Chord Engine 2.0 and Scaler so you can utilize these chords using just one key for faster and more creative production. Bonus Audio + MIDI Loops included.

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Works in ANY DAW. Includes Chord Presets for Cthulhu, Scaler, Chordz, CEG 2.0 w/ Bonus MIDI/Audio


Instant "Hit-Worthy" Progressions

Play Realistic Chords w/Any VST

Learn The Secrets 

Play instant amazing chords and progressions with the press of a key. Bonus MIDI Files included.

Play advanced R&B chords through the VST of your choice. 

Easily Learn the advanced chord voicings with the visual Keyboard Display and/or MIDI files

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Cthulhu chord progression presets

Chord Engine 2.0 chord progression presets

Chordz chord progression presets

Scaler chord progression presets

Bonus MIDI Chord Progressions

Bonus AUDIO Loops

Instantly Sound More Professional

20 instant Iconic R&B Chord Progression presets bring you tons of song ideas.

Easy To Download and Install

Download and Install the kit  in just a few clicks. Get going immediately.  Works in any DAW

Be More Productive!

Save time and energy. Expand your creative power. Use Cthulhu, Chordz, Chord Engine, or Scaler to work faster. 

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