Summer Heat R&B/HipHop

Signature Expansion

The New Summer Heat R&B and Hip Hop Expansion is an all new sound pack with over 100 new sounds for Signature. This expansion features crisp and textured bells, detailed and interesting keys, warm and emotional pads, evoking basses and purely inspiring leads. You will find a good time browsing through these new sounds. Every sound was designed to be in touch with the current Hip-Hop and R&B sound while pushing the envelope further.

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Whats Inside? 100+ New Sounds

Summer heat features over 109 new sounds for the Signature R&B Plugin. Users must own version 4.0 to take advantage of this expansion. You will get a .zip file containing the new presets. Here is how you install your signature presets.

  • Keys
  • Pads
  • Bells
  • Bass
  • Leads


Purchase "Summer Heat"

Summer Heat is currently Half Off! During the launch period, you can get Summer Heat for just $29. You must own signature Version 4.0 to use this expansion!


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$49 Value - Only $29.00

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Open Signature and open the preset browser. Click "More" in the top left corner and select "Show Presets Folder"

Be sure your Summer Heat 2022 .zip file is unzipped. After step 1 above, a window will pop up showing your Presets Folder. Click to open the "User Presets" Folder. Place the unzipped Summer Heat 2022 Folder directly into your User Presets Folder. Restart Signature and your expansion is installed!