64-bit Windows or Mac CPU
VST or AU compatible DAW or Music Workstation
At least 90mb of Hard drive space is recommended.
At least 2GB of RAM Memory is recommended. 



Instantly Flip Loops and Samples into New Soundscapes

Easily achieve Lofi, OVO, underwater effects and much, much more. Take things even further with over 8 modulators adding wavy movement to your tracks. Mush and warp audio in logical ways that make sense and sound amazing. 

Quickly Create Dope Musical Beds

Wave helps to turn your ordinary loops and samples into something nostalgic, interesting and compelling to listen to. Breath new life into any sample with Wave.

System Requirements

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How to Install?

  1. Please close out of any DAW you are running. Run the installer files provided with your order. 
  2. Open your DAW and rescan your plugins. If on mac, please run both VST and AU installers
  3. Enter Your Auth Key and Enjoy!

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The Wave Multi-Effect Plugin is the intellectual property of Produce-RNB.com 
All rights reserved 2022. 

A Fun and Easy Way to Flip Your Samples Into Wavy, Vibey Textures.

"The ability to quickly flip any loop or sample into something dope, vibey and unique in one plugin, is an incredibly valuable resource to have."

Before and After

Watch this short preview and tutorial of WAVE! Hear the before and after difference!


All-In-One Multi-Effect Transformer

Everything in one plugin from filters to effects to modulation. Wave's simple interface lets you quickly dial something cool. If you want to get technical, wave lets you go "under the hood" and tinker with every detail.

Drive Creativity

Wave is a creative monster! Use Wave to help you start new waves, come with something unique and interesting for your next release!

Quickly Transform Any Audio

Wave turns your input audio into a wave. Quickly flip your loops and samples into something totally different and unique with one plugin.

Shape your audio to move with the beat. With over 8 modulations,  Wave brings movement and life to your audio.

Add Instant Movement and Interest

Suite of Multi-Effects 
Including Lofi.

With all of the right processors and effects, drench your samples to create endless possibilities. On board EQ,  Lofi effects, sample rate, saturation and more.



One-Time purchase 
Free Maintenance Only Updates
(does not include new preset releases)
2 CPU Activations
Unlimited re-downloads

Catch The Wave... Catch a Vibe in Any DAW PC or MAC

VSTi | Mac VST | AU

Transform Loops and Samples Into Wavy, Vibey Textures

Drench Your Audio with 8 Premium Effects 

The Wave Multi-Effect has Sample Rate, Saturation, Phase, Wave Shaping, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, EQ, Filters, Modulations, Compression, Gate and More. Use the simple interface or dive "under the hood" and create something unique!

Match the Rhythm of Your Beat or Create New Ones!

With the easy time-sync adjusters, you can match the modulation in Wave to the Rhythm of your beats. This gives your music cohesiveness and helps your overall "groove". 

Create your own rhythm and create a new bounce for your track by playing with the different effect modulation sync times. This is can be surprisingly fun! Save your presets and even share them with the world!